Goyal! Raghubir "The Foil" Goyal Goyal!
"When Goyal starts speaking, the press corps knows, their real work is over. The rest of the briefing is going to just be play."

Raghubir Goyal, or simply "Goyal" as he is known in Washington, is the White House correspondent for Asia Today &
the India Globe. A regular at the daily White House press conferences for years, he has always served as a lifeline for press
secretaries from both the Clinton and the Bush administrations. This earned him his nickname "The Foil." Regardless of
what the main news of the day is, be it Monica Lewinsky, the Enron Scandal, or the Rove leak investigation, Goyal's question
will invariably be about India or Pakistan. Thus, he can always be relied on for a break in an otherwise stressful briefing.

Here is an excellent Washington Post article explaining the "foil" concept

"Go ahead, Goyal" is McClellan's signal that the real inquiries have ended and it's time to field a question about Kashmir or India.
Go ahead, Goyal
Fleischer, Lockhart, McCurry, and McLellan have all taken advantage of the Goyal Foil

Notable Goyal Quotes:

"...again, the President is doing a great job as far as fighting against terrorism is concerned."

"First of all, I am really thankful to the President for inviting me to the grand State Dinner for the Prime Minister of India last week; it was great."

"What I'm saying, Scott, that why do you have problems that I should ask the same questions that everybody asked, because when the Prime Minister
of India is here, I should not ask the same questions everybody is asking. I did the same thing during President Clinton. Why should I ask about Monica
 Lewinsky when Prime Minister of India--"

"Second question is on the — now again, most of Indian-American community thankful to the President for initiating — or did initiate the
Diwali Festival of Lights at the White House".

"First, quick correction -- the Festival of Lights in the White House will be on Tuesday, not Wednesday."

"-- Scott, I'm' sorry to interrupt you -- that there is plenty of bad publicity against the White House in India and in the -- among Indian Americans,
 at least those in the U.S. But I am still thanking the White House and the President for giving a (inaudible) to these people, to come into the
White House, and even if it were not a Diwali celebration, but it was just a briefing --"

"Scott, so much has been written and said about torture. And I've been talking with Prime Minister of India and -- in the U.S."

"Scott, first of all, I have a great respect for this White House press corps and they're very nice and kind to me."

"What I'm -- my question -- comment, also, about when the leaders visit the White House, and they have press availability in the East Room, not only the
 India today, but any Prime Minister or President. I feel it's kind of insult to that leader, he's standing there, only two questions, but only his own people
are asking about his visit or his nation, but other questions are always on different topics. I feel, personally, it's insult to that leader and --"

"if it's the Indian leader visiting here, that press availability should be only on India."

"I have two questions, one on the goodwill visit of the First Lady. It looked like from the visit that she's representing well the United States and the President.
She's very charming and friendly and outgoing. My question is here that there's an old saying there's always a great woman behind a successful man.
How the President take this?"

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